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Rubrics / Grading

Rubric & Grading Resources and Ideas

  • Steps for Designing Assignment-Specific Analytical Rubric
  • Designing Rubrics for Assessing Higher Order Thinking: This site is from a presentation by William Pierce from Howard Community College on “Designing Rubrics for Assessing Higher Order Thinking” and focuses specifically on using rubrics for assessing critical thinking. It is also a helpful resource because it includes examples of both analytical and holistic rubrics, as well as checklists. It includes examples of rubrics for whole courses and specific assignments. It also has a list of great references at the end.
  • Grading Written Assignments: This site from the University of Washington’s Political Science department provides very good (and relatively brief) guidelines for grading in general, but emphasizes making the grading process transparent, and includes a generic sample checklist.
  • Rubistar: If you’re stuck, and want a basic format to get you started, Rubistar provides an online tool with standardized criteria and descriptions that you can revise to meet your needs.
  • Sample rubrics from Winona: Includes numerous rubrics in many disciplines.