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WRI 102 Placement & Exemptions

WRI 102/Academic Writing is the college’s required writing instruction course.  This four-credit course focuses on academic argumentation and is designed to prepare students to successfully meet the demands of the college’s writing intensive curriculum. Some students are exempt from the course through SAT, ACT or AP scores.

The following scores will place you out of WRI:

  • SAT scores of 580 or above in BOTH math and critical reading (Our data on TCNJ students indicates that high reading scores matched by high math scores are more effective predictors of college writing proficiency than reading scores alone.)
  • An ACT composite score or 26 or higher
  • An AP score of 4 or higher in English Literature, English Composition, US History, or World History.

If you are exempt, you do not receive credit for the course, but your PAWS account will show this requirement as satisfied.  To meet the required number of units for graduation, you can take an extra elective.

If you do not have the scores listed above, or you did not submit SAT scores, you are required to take our Writing Placement test.

Each student who needs to take the Writing Placement test will be placed into a Canvas Writing Placement space ( and will be able to access the test there. Students will be notified through a course invitation email from notifications@instructure. com, alerting them that they now have access to the Canvas Writing Placement space. The test will be open from May 23 through June 6, 2016. Students will have two hours to complete the test, which consists of reading an essay and writing a response to the prompt. The test will automatically shut down after the allotted time.

PLEASE NOTE: Because some students are waiting for AP scores or were not able to take the test by June 6, the test will open one more time between July 15 and July 29. Those students will again receive a Canvas invitation.

The exam involves reading a short article and writing in response to it based on a prompt. Consult the rubric for how essays are scored.

In addition, some students’ scores on this test and/or their SAT scores indicate the need for additional assistance, as early as the Fall semester while taking their First Seminar (FSP). These students will be enrolled in a two-credit writing studio course (WRI 101/Writing Studio) that works in conjunction with the FSP.

Special Note to Transfer Students

You may also be exempt from taking WRI 102 if, at your previous institution, you have taken a credit-bearing course (numbered 100 or above) in writing or composition which has been approved as equivalent to WRI 102.